Soil Survey of Dona Ana County Area, New Mexico

TitleSoil Survey of Dona Ana County Area, New Mexico
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsH. Bulloch, Jr. E, Neher RE
Call Number00634
Keywordsbook, books, chapter, chapters, geomorphology, Dona Ana County, report, reports, soil geomorphology, soil survey, Dona Ana County
AbstractThis soil survey contains much information useful in land-planning programs in the Dona Ana County Area. Of prime importance are the predictions of soil behavior for selected land uses. Also highlighted are limitations or hazards to land uses that are inherent in the soil, improvements needed to overcome these limitations, and the impact that selected land uses will have on the environment....These and many other soil properties that affect land use are described in this soil survey. Broad areas of soils are shown on the general soil map; the location of each kind of soil is shown on detailed soil maps. Each kind of soil in the survey area is described, and much information is given about each soil for specific uses. Additional information or asssistance in using this publication can be obtained from the local office of the Soil Conservation Service or the Cooperative Extension Service.