Soil physical properties at the Las Cruces trench site

TitleSoil physical properties at the Las Cruces trench site
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsWierenga PJ, Hudson D.B, Vinson J, Nash M, Toorman A
Date Published1989
InstitutionUniversity of Arizona
CityTucson, Arizona
ISBN NumberSoil and Water Science Report No. 89-002
Accession NumberJRN00105
Call Number00409
Keywordsbook, books, chapter, chapters, geochemistry, geomorphology, report, reports, soil, NRC trench, soil, physical properties, trench study
AbstractIn a previous report, Wierenga et al. (1988) presented results of the first trench experiment. The purpose of the present report is to bring together in one report all data collected during the course of the experiment on the morphology of the soil at the site, and on the physical properties of the soil. In addition, a short description of the experimental sites is presented. No analysis of the data is included with this report.