Soil microorganisms and their importance in plant establishment and growth

TitleSoil microorganisms and their importance in plant establishment and growth
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsOsuna-Avila P., Barrow J.R.
Conference NameSymposio Internacional de Manejo de Pastizaes
Date PublishedApril 20-23, 200
Conference LocationZacatecas, Mexico
ARIS Log Number179174
KeywordsMycorrhizal fungi, plant establishment, plant growth, soil microorganisms
AbstractShrubs and grasses of the Chihuahuan Desert are more extensively colonized by atypical dark septate endophytes (DSE) than by common mycorrhizal fungi. DSE fungi are identified as stained or dark hyphae and microesclorotia in the root cortex by utilizing traditional trypan blue staining. Staining with Sudan IV, DSE fungi reveals lipid bodies attached to fungal structures indicating a higher incidence of fungal colonization that than previously observed. These fungi are intrinsically integrated with all the cells of the native and regenerated BOER plants. The transfer of fungi from BOER or SPCR calluses to nonhost plants indicated remarkable changes in root morphology and shoots biomass, chlorophyll content, and fruit and seed production. This study shows that plant-associated microbes can influence plant health and promote establishment and growth in different ecosystems.