Soil-Landscape Relationships in Alluvium Sediments in Southern New Mexico

TitleSoil-Landscape Relationships in Alluvium Sediments in Southern New Mexico
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsNash MH, Daugherty LRA
Date Published1990
InstitutionNew Mexico Agricultural Experiment Station
CityLas Cruces, New Mexico
ISBN NumberBulletin 746
Accession NumberJRN00130
Call Number00238
Keywordsbook, books, chapter, chapters, geomorphology, report, reports, soil survey, soil, alluvium sediments, soil-landscape relationships, transect, soil profile
AbstractOne of the LTER sites is in southern New Mexico on the Jornada Experimental Range. This paper describes the soil survey that was done for the study area. A soil survey was begun in the summer of 1983 to provide information for the assessment of the correlation between soil variation and the numerous biotic or soil moisture parameters along the transect. The survey objective was to prepare soil information that could be used to assess research in progress in the study area.