Size-biomass relations of several Chihuahuan Desert shrubs

TitleSize-biomass relations of several Chihuahuan Desert shrubs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsLudwig J., Reynolds J.F., Whitson PD
JournalThe American Midland Naturalist
Date Published1975
Call Number00190
Keywordsarticle, articles, Ephedra, biomass, Flourensia, biomass, journal, journals, Larrea, biomass, method, shrub biomass, Prosopis, biomass, shrub, biomass, shrub, Larrea, Xanthocephalum, biomass, Yucca, biomass, Zinnia, biomass
AbstractRapid, nondestructive methods are needed to quantify plant biomass dynamics. Methods known as dimension analysis can be used to establish regression relationships between plant biomass and estimate the dry weight of foliage, living and dead stems and roots from canopy area and volume for eight desert shrubs. The results show that volume and canopy area are generally suitable estimators. Regression equations developed for Larrea tridentata compare favorably with equations in similar studies in Arizona and Nevada, suggesting that our results might be applicable in other desert regions, at least for shrubs with well-defined growth forms. Other considerations when using these techniques are discussed.