Simulation and Analysis of Dynamics of a Semi-Desert Grassland

TitleSimulation and Analysis of Dynamics of a Semi-Desert Grassland
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1970
AuthorsWright R.G, Van Dyne G.M.
Conference NameSimulation and Analysis of Dynamics of a Semi-Desert Grassland
Series TitleRange Science Department, Science Series No. 6
Date PublishedJune 19691970
PublisherColorado State University
Conference LocationUniversity of New Mexico
Call Number00419
Keywordsabstract, abstracts, cattle, vegetation interaction, cattle, wildlife relationships, conference, conference proceedings, conferences, drought, ecology, germination, grassland, dynamics, grazing, management, model, ecosystem, model, mathematical, plant, germination, plant, precipitation, precipitation, proceeding, proceedings, rodent, food habits, rodent, life history, rodent, population dynamics, rodent,habitat requirements, rodent,population dynamics, vegetation change
AbstractA problem area in southern New Mexico was selected where data were available on long-term changes in the system, especially the vegetation, as a response to naturally occurring climatic fluctuations. The objective here was to try to extract from experience, the literature, and the data base enough information about the system to represent it in simulation models. Analysis of this total-system problem required crossing disciplines to secure personnel with adequate subject matter and analytical capabilities, operational approaches, and flexibility in attitude, outlook, and operation.
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