Sheep grazing as a range improvement tool

TitleSheep grazing as a range improvement tool
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsHavstad K
JournalSheep Research Journal
Date Published1994
AbstractGrazing is an integral and natural process on rangelands. Long term studies have concluded that grazing can be managed to manipulate the vegetative composition of rangelands. There are tow principle criteria that must be implemnted to achieve improvement. First, grazing must be managed by established goals and realistic specific objectives. Without achievable goals and clearly stated objectives grazing would be unmanaged and extensive experiences have illustrated thta unmanaged grazing by domestic and wild herbivores can result in catastrophe. Basic principles for establishing these golas and objectives are well documented. Second, improvement should be defined as attaining desired objectives for the rangeland resource. In some instances, improvement will wquate with increased forage available for grazing livestock. In other instances, improvement will be based on non livestock forage criteria. In all cases the resource will be benefitted and livestock will maintain an intergral role in the renewable use and sustained management of rangelands.