Sex in <i>Ephedra trifurca</i> (Ephredraceae) with relation to Chihuahuan Desert habitats

TitleSex in Ephedra trifurca (Ephredraceae) with relation to Chihuahuan Desert habitats
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsBrunt JW, Conley MR, Cunningham GL
JournalThe American Midland Naturalist
Date Published1988
Call Number00024
Keywordsarticle, articles, Ephedra, sex ratios, Ephedra, spatial patterns, Ephedra,vegetative patterns, journal, journals, shrub, Ephedra, transect, Ephedra, transect, population dynamics
AbstractSpatial patterns of Ephedra trifurca populations were examined in seven vegetative zones along an elevational gradient in the Chihuahuan Desert near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Ephedra density and mean biomass differed significantly among zones, with variations that were not a consistent function of soil moisture. Higher proportions of female plants did not occur in areas of higher soil moisture availability, as has been previously reported for another Ephedra species in desert habitats.