Seeding shrubs in the field

TitleSeeding shrubs in the field
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsHerbel C.H.
EditorBarrett-Lennard E.G., Malcolm C.V., Stern W.R., Wilkins S.M.
Book TitleForage and Fuel Production from Salt-Affected Wasteland
PublisherElsevier Science Publisher
CityAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Keywordsmulches, seeding methods, shrubs, temperature, water conservation

Production from degraded rangeland may be increased by sowing with shrubs. Before reseeding an area it should be established that a change in plant cover is desirable and that the terrain is suitable for seeding. Rainfall or water supply should be adequate to ensure survival of seeded species. It may be desirable to sow mixtures of species. Care should be taken in the preparation of the seed bed and in optimizing seeding rate, spacing and depth. Factors which may be important in ameliorating harsh environmental conditions include the use of mulches, water ponding and soil compaction.