Savory’s unsubstantiated claims should not be confused with multipaddock grazing

TitleSavory’s unsubstantiated claims should not be confused with multipaddock grazing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBriske D.D., Bestelmeyer BT, Brown J.
Start Page39
Date Published02/2014
Type of ArticleLetter to the Editor
ARIS Log Number304739
Keywordsclimate change, desertification, planned grazing, Savory Method

Letters to the Editor: The sole objective of our critique of Mr Savory’s TED video published in Rangelands1 was to “fact check” a portion of the extraordinary claims that he had made relative to sciencebased information. It is incumbent upon a professional discipline to evaluate the relevant evidence and potential viability of proposed management strategies and policies. Regrettably, Richard Teague’s response does not address any of Mr Savory’s claims that we addressed in our critique—not all global rangelands are degraded, rangelands have a limited capacity to store carbon, and intensive rotational grazing is not necessary to prevent rangelands from degrading. Here we reiterate these last two points of our initial critique, then address the concerns presented by Teague, and conclude with comments regarding the future direction of grazing systems research.