The Santa Fe group in the south-central New Mexico border region

TitleThe Santa Fe group in the south-central New Mexico border region
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1969
AuthorsHawley J, Kottlowski FE, Seager W.R, King WE, Strain WS, LeMone DV
Conference NameBorder Stratigraphy Symposium
VolumeCircular 104
Date Published1969
PublisherNew Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources
Call Number00107
Keywordsabstract, abstracts, conference, conference proceedings, conferences, geomorphology, piedmont-slope alluvium, geomorphology, Santa Fe Group, basaltic volcanics, geomorphology, Santa Fe Group, fluvial deposits, geomorphology, Santa Fe Group, lacustrine, geomorphology, Santa Fe Group, piedmont-slope alluvium, geomorphology, Santa Fe Group, playa, proceeding, proceedings
AbstractThe Santa Fe Group in the south-central New Mexico border region is a complex sequence of piedmont-slope alluvium; playa, lacustrine, and fluvial deposits; and some basaltic volcanic preserved in structural basins within and adjacent to the Rio Grande depression. The upper limit of the group is the surface of the youngest basin fill predating initiation of the Rio Grande Valley entrenchment. The lower limit is placed above volcanic and associated sedimentary rocks of Oligocene-early (?) Miocene age that are well exposed in the Caballo-Selden area. Studies of vertebrate and invertebrate faunas, determination of the potassium-argon age of interbedded basalt, and correlation of volcanic ash lenses have established a general Miocene to mid-Pleistocene age for the Santa Fe Group in the border region. Early stages of intermontane basin filling occurred in a closed-basin (classic bolson) environment, while later stages were marked by coalescence of basin floors and development of a regional system of through-drainage. Thus, Santa Fe group deposition in the border region corresponds with Bryan's idealized concept of basin filling in the type Santa Fe region to the north. Important economic resources in the Santa Fe Group include ground water, sand, gravel, clay, and caliche.
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