Response of <i>Muhlenbergia porteri</i> Scribn. to season of defoliation

TitleResponse of Muhlenbergia porteri Scribn. to season of defoliation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsMiller RF, Donart G.B.
JournalJournal of Range Management
Date Published1981
Call Number00553
Keywordsarticle, articles, defoliation, grasses, defoliation, Muhlenbergia, journal, journals, Muhlenbergia,defoliation, Muhlenbergia,productivity, plant productivity, plant, Muhlenbergia
AbstractRemoving 65% of the leaf area of bush muhly in three consecutive years during the growing season reduced plant vigor regardless of season of clipping. Late or continuous season defoliation had the greatest impact on food reserves, production, crown diameter and number of stem internodes. Defoliation during the vegetative stage had the least effect of the clipping treatments.