Recommendations for data accessibility

TitleRecommendations for data accessibility
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLaney C., Baker K.S, Peters DC, Ramsey K
PublisherNational Technical Information Services
CitySpringfield, Virginia
Accession NumberJRN52674
ARIS Log Number256309
Keywordsatmospheric chemistry, climate change, cross-site comparisons, disturbance, ecological response, ecology, ecosystem, EcoTrends, experimental forests, global change, human demography, human population growth, Long Term Ecological Research (LTER), long-term datasets, precipitation, rangeland, rangeland research stations, surface water chemistry

The EcoTrends project has generated hundreds of standardized, documented datasets from many sites and scientific fields.  During the process of generating data comparable between many sites and across several organizational networks, novel solutions to technical, organizational, and communication challenges have been created.  This chapter presents ten recommendations for site-level information management and for future synthesis projects.  The recommendations are related to three broad categories: (1) data management and products, (2) project design, and (3) information environments to support synthesis projects. For each recommendation, the chapter provides specific examples of the challenges that EcoTrends faced, the lessons learned, and then explains the recommendation that may help address the challenge in future projects.