Rangelands: Changes to improve the quality and performance of an important SRM journal

TitleRangelands: Changes to improve the quality and performance of an important SRM journal
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBrown J., Fredrickson E.L.
Conference Name62nd Society for Range Management Annual Meeting
Date Published02/2009
PublisherSociety for Range Management
Conference LocationAlb., NM
ARIS Log Number237945
Keywordsabstract, rangelands, RTF, SRM, SRM journal

In 2008, an effort to improve the quality and financial performance of the journal RANGELANDS was begun. Reviews by the Society for Range Management (SRM) Board of Directors (BOD) appointed RANGELANDS Task Force (RTF) and the Advisory Council identified aspects of RANGELANDS critical to membership satisfaction: quality of publication, frequency of publication, subject matter. The RTF Report also identified opportunities for improved financial performance. As a result of the reports and discussion among the membership, the SRM BOD directed the RANGELANDS editor and steering committee to implement changes to RANGELANDS. Those changes include: 1. ensure that all manuscripts submitted to RANGELANDS are subjected to peer review under the direction of the editor; 2. seek more support from external sources for the publication of relevant, special-theme issues with invited authors to offset publication costs; 3. increase the amount of advertising, and; 4. work with publishers to reduce overhead costs. These changes are currently being implemented. The authors will be available to discuss further changes with membership to improve the quality and performance of this vital SRM communication instrument.