Rangeland ecology and management in a changing world

TitleRangeland ecology and management in a changing world
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBrown J., Bestelmeyer BT, Havstad K
Conference NameXXI International Grassland Congress; VIII International Rangeland Congress
Date PublishedJune 30 - July 5
PublisherGuangdong People's Publishing House
Conference LocationHohhot, China
ARIS Log Number229076
Keywordsecological disturbance, ecological site descriptions, multiscale management, state and transition models
AbstractRangeland ecological science and management over the past century has emphasized external human actions to supplement and direct natural ecological processes in the hope of achieving sustained production. The focus has usually been on an improve efficiency of production, generally achieved by adding fossil fuel based input, to increase consistency of harvest. The results have been relatively benign in the more mesic and fertile rangelands and unsuccessful to disastrous in the more arid and infertile areas. We suggest a broader view of the interactions of humans and rangelands, one that included people as a vital component within the system, might be a more realistic approach to achieving economic, ecological and social sustainability. An increase emphasis is necessary to develop new tools for capturing, organizing and communicating information and to provide testable hypotheses that can advance rangeland ecological science and management.