Range treatment effects on infiltration rates

TitleRange treatment effects on infiltration rates
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsTromble J.M.
Conference NameProceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers Symposium: Watershed Management
Date Published1980
Conference LocationBoise, ID

Mechanical treatments of depleted, brush-infested arid rangeland is important in a rehabilitation program. The effects of rootplowing and seeding treatments were examined using a sprinkling infiltrometer, and infiltration and runoff data were compared for creosotebush, bare soil, a 1972 rootplowed and seeded treatment, and a 1976 rootplowed and seeded treatment. There were no differences among treatments in time required for runoff to begin. The plots infested with creosotebush had the greatest infiltration and the bare soil plots had the least. Under dry antecedent soil water conditions, rangeland rootplowed and seeded in 1972 had greater infiltration than that treated in 1976.