Range Science Department Science Series No. 2 Supplement

TitleRange Science Department Science Series No. 2 Supplement
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1970
AuthorsDix RL, Beidleman RG(eds.)
Conference NameThe Grassland Ecosystem: A Preliminary Synthesis, A Supplement
Series TitleRange Science Department Science Series No. 2 Supplement
Date Published1970
PublisherColorado State University
Call Number00541
Keywordsabstract, abstracts, amphibian,grassland ecosystem, conference, conference proceedings, conferences, grassland ecosystem, amphibians, grassland ecosystem, primary producers, grassland ecosystem, reptiles, primary producer,grassland ecosystem, proceeding, proceedings, reptile,grassland ecosystem
Abstract This report includes two papers which were not available last year to be published with the 437-page volume containing other papers from the Information Synthesis Project. The paper by Thomas was presented at the fourth workshop held in Woodland Park, Colorado, and the paper by Lewis was presented at the fifth workshop at Buckhorn Mountain, Colorado. Thomas' paper represents a review on amphibians and reptiles as a particular type of consumer in the grassland system. Lewis' paper is an overall review and integration of the other papers on producers, and especially, it contributes special new information at that trophic level. The papers are numbered according to the page after which they fit in the overall volume.
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