Range research in the Soviet Union

TitleRange research in the Soviet Union
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsHerbel C.H., Barnes R.F., Heady H.F., Purdy L.N.
Date Published1981

In May  and  June  1979, we visited several locations in the Soviet  Union where  range  research was being conducted. We were  members of  the  "Arid Pastures   and  Rangelands Team"  formed in conjunction with the US-USSR  Agreement on  Agriculture and  Technology. The  purpose of this exchange of rangelands teams was to increase cooperation in agricultural research and  technological development tt1rough:   (1)  visiting  selected  USSR  locations to  review research on breeding, production, and  utilization of forage produced from  arid  pastures  and rangelands, and to exam­ me the processes that tend to increase or decrease grazing land productivity: (2) discussing problems of mutual interest witl1 scientists and  practitioners within the  USSR;  and  (3) developing specific cooperation exchanges and research activities for the mutual benefit of both countries. We visited locations  in   Moscow,  Leningrad,  and   Stavropol  in  the Republic of Russia;  Tselinograd, Alma-Ata, and Chimkent in the Republic of Kazakhstan; Samarkand in the Republic of Uzbekistan; and  Ashkhabad in the Republic of Turkmenia.