Range forage utilization

TitleRange forage utilization
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1939
AuthorsAres F.N.
JournalThe Hereford Journal
Pagination39, 46
Date PublishedApril 1, 1939
Keywordslivestock production, range management, utilization of forage
AbstractThe degree of utilization of forage on Southwestern ranges is one of the most important factors in range management and livestock production and, as such, warrants considerable study and experimentation. In fact, the importance of utilization studies can hardly be overemphasized since not only the restoration of our depleted ranges but also the maintenance of all our valuable grazing lands depends directly on fixing certain standards of utilization which, if adhered to, will insure against that close, destructive grazing of perennial forage plants which so impairs and weakens their vitality that a high mortality is usually sustained during the frequent drought year.