Progress in utilization standards for western ranges

TitleProgress in utilization standards for western ranges
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1943
AuthorsCampbell R.S.
JournalJournal of the Washington Academy of Sciences
Date PublishedJune 15, 1943
Keywordslivestock products, range utilization, wartime
AbstractRange utilization is essential to the welfare of the West and of the United States as a whole. The western range territory provides one-third of the cattle and calves, two-thirds of the sheep, and three-fourths of the wool and mohair grown in the United States. These livestock products are important even in ordinary times. They are indispensable during war. Because of the huge armed force, millions of war workers at strenuous toil, and lend-lease aid to the Allies, the country each year is using double its domestic wool production, and civilian meat consumption has been cut by more than one-third in order to balance consumption with supply.