Photoluminescence spectroscopy for the discernment of plants within animal diets

TitlePhotoluminescence spectroscopy for the discernment of plants within animal diets
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsRayson G.D., Obeidat S.M., Anderson D.M., Landau S.Y., Glasser T.
Conference NameProceedings of Pittcon Meeting
ARIS Log Number206076
Keywordsanimal, diet, photoluminescence, spectroscopic
AbstractIdentification of different animal diets of free ranging herbivores is of much interest. Spectroscopic probes offer the potential for real-time analyses compared to microphitological procedures. The inherent multi-dimensionality of photoluminescence spectroscopy (i.e., fluorescence and phosphorescence) is a significant benefit for the analysis of chemically complex samples. Unfortunately, analysis of multi-dimensional data requires the use of algorithms other than simple linear regression at a single wavelength. To evaluate the utility of multi-dimensional luminescence spectroscopy for animal diet determinations, the excitatin-emission spectral signatures of each of seven diet components (i.e., diet supplement concentrate, Pistacia lentiscus, Phylirea Latifolia media, Pinus Brutia, alfalfa hay and clover hay) were acquired. Post-digested diet samples (i.e., feces) resulting from each hay component were also included.