Multidimensional fluorescence for the investigation of dietary habits of free-ranging herbivores

TitleMultidimensional fluorescence for the investigation of dietary habits of free-ranging herbivores
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsRayson G.D., Danielson T.L., Anderson D.M., Estell RE, Fredrickson E.L., Havstad K
Conference NameFederation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies Conference
Date PublishedOctober 24-29, 1
Conference LocationVancouver, BC, Canada
ARIS Log Number105783
AbstractThe determination of the dietary intake of domestic livestock is necessary for their effective management. This becomes more difficult when the animals are allowed to feed on native flora in open rangeland. Efforts in the past to provide information regarding a particular animal's dietary habits have used either highly invasive techniques or methods that are time eand labor intensive and very subjective. The objective of the present stud is to develop instrumentation to enable the interrogation of sample extracts using multi-dimensional fluorescence measurements for objective, rapid determination of plants eaten by a specific animal. Initial work has concentrated on the acquisition and post-processing of the excitation/ emission wavelength fluorescence matrices for each of six plant species typically eaten by free-ranging sheep in the desert southwestern United States. Results of these investigations will be presented with a description of the instrumentation used. The utility of alternate dimensions, including lifetimes and extracting solvent polarity, will be discussed.