Milk production by hereford cows

TitleMilk production by hereford cows
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1974
AuthorsA. Neves das, Wallace J.D., Herbel C.H.
Conference NameProceedings of the Western Section Meeting, American Society of Animal Science
Date Published1974
Keywordsbeef cows, calves, grassland, performance, semidesert, weaning
AbstractWeaning weight and percent calf crop are the most important traits affecting net income on a cow-calf ranch. Dams' milk production is crucially important to preweaning performance of calves. On semidesert grassland, natural forage often limits reproduction and lactation of range cows. Consequently, a part-year confinement program could overcome periods of reduced forage and permit a more flexible ranching operation. The purpose of this experiment was to compare the performance of beef cows as milk producers, the effect of milk consumption on growth of suckling calves and trends in milk composition under range and drylot conditions.