Methods for assessing soil aggregation in noncultivated arid and semiarid soils

TitleMethods for assessing soil aggregation in noncultivated arid and semiarid soils
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsCammeraat L.H., Herrick JE, Imeson A.C.
Conference NameAnnual Meeting, American Society for Agronomy
Date PublishedOctober 26-31, 1
Conference LocationAnaheim, CA
ARIS Log Number096664
AbstractSoil aggregation is increasingly cited as a potentially valuable indicator of a wide variety ecosystem functions based on empirical and echanistic correlations with soil credibility, strength, organic matter accumulation, and biological diversity and activity. An equally wide variety of methods has been used to quantify soil aggregation. This leaves us with the question of whether these results are exchangeable. The method applied to determine soil aggregation should be a reflection of the processes involved at the appropriate spatial and temporal scales. In this paper, we will present guidelines for selecting the appropriate method or methods for the objective of the study. Several methods will be described which are being applied successfully in non-cultivated arid and semi-arid geo-ecosystems to address different specific functions of soil aggregation. Specific attention will be given to the value of soil aggregation as an indicator of sustainability, including ecosystem resistance and resilience.