Life history and population dynamics of the black-tailed jackrabbit (<i>Lepus californicus</i>) in New Mexico

TitleLife history and population dynamics of the black-tailed jackrabbit (Lepus californicus) in New Mexico
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1970
AuthorsL. Stoddart C
EditorWright R.G, Dyne G.M(eds.)
Conference NameSimulation and Analysis of Dynamics of a Semi-Desert Grassland
Series TitleRange Science Department, Science Series No. 6
Date Published1970
PublisherColorado State University
Call Number00326
Keywordsabstract, abstracts, conference, conference proceedings, conferences, Lepus,life history, Lepus,population dynamics, proceeding, proceedings, rabbit,Lepus,life history, rabbit,Lepus,population dynamics
AbstractThe results of a growth rate study by Haskell and Reynolds (1947) are shown in Figure 1. California rabbits born in captivity were used for the study. Birth weights were approximately 110 gm, and adults grew to an average of about 2300 gm. These weights correspond well with the results from a Utah study (Gross and Stoddart).
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