Land Ecology Essay I: The siren song of the finish line

TitleLand Ecology Essay I: The siren song of the finish line
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBrown J., Smith D
Start Page241
Date Published12/2015
ARIS Log Number329175

As the National Cooperative Soils Survey nears the completion of initial mapping and description activities, the options for next steps are being considered. One option is to deploy new and emerging mapping technologies for existing and refined concepts of soil behavior to create more precise maps of the spatial distribution of soil properties. Another option is to focus efforts on interpreting existing soils information for new land use and management options, and for a new group of users. We suggest that the greatest benefits are to be gained from a very localized, specific implementation of new mapping technologies and a major, broad effort on new interpretations of existing information, particularly the implementation of an Ecological Site Initiative.