The Jornada LTER site

TitleThe Jornada LTER site
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsWhitford WG
JournalLTER Network News
Date Published1988
Accession NumberJRN00086
Call Number00394
Keywordsarticle, articles, journal, journals, review,Jornada LTER research
AbstractThe Jornada LTER has experienced a major change in principle investigators and a modification of program objectives. In January 1988, four new P.I.'s joined the Jornada team: Dr. William Schlesinger (Duke University); Dr. Wesley Jarrell (University of California-Riverside); Dr. Ross Virginia (San Diego State University); and Dr. Laura Huenneke (New Mexico State University). The modification of program objectives is a change from focusing on hypotheses built around temporal and spatial variability with work focused on a single watershed to hypotheses built around the concept that desertification has changed a previously uniform distribution of resources to a patchy distribution of resources. We hypothesize that this shift in distribution of resources has disrupted temporal linkages among ecosystems and ecosystem processes. In order to address questions concerning desertification processes, we have set up research at several new locations on the Jornada and are working to increase collaborative efforts with the USDA programs at the Jornada.