Improved esophageal fistula closure devices for cattle and sheep

TitleImproved esophageal fistula closure devices for cattle and sheep
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsAnderson D.M., Mertz D.L., Franklin W.E., Manz P.J.
Series TitleAdvances in Agricultural Technology Series
Date Published1985
InstitutionU.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service
Keywordscannulas, esophageal fistula, livestock diets, plugs
AbstractThis publication describes a redesigned esophageal fistula plug and an esophageal cannula. These closure devices set forth state-of-the-art structural design, are more rugged, require minimal time to construct, and are relatively light when compared with previous esophageal fistula closure devices. In addition, the redesigned fistula closure devices are reliable in use and easily adapted to animal necks of various depths. The design of the fistula plug for use in cattle and sheep, along with the design for an esophageal cannula for use in cattle, are discussed and fabrication plans are included.