How the use of salt obtains better forage utilization on a cattle range

TitleHow the use of salt obtains better forage utilization on a cattle range
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1936
AuthorsAres F.N.
JournalThe Cattleman
Date Published1936
Keywordsbetter forage, cattle range, conservative use, salt
AbstractA lamentable condition commonly surrounds watering places on the low, year-long grass ranges of the Southwest. Areas extending for as much as one mile or more around these watering places are common on poorly watered ranges. These areas are stripped and grubbed of all worthwhile vegetation; and, they are washed and trampled and the loose sand and dust are played with by the winds. A few miles out from water on a given range, one may find areas with good forage practically untouched. Too many cattle and widely distributed stock waters have been blamed for the deteriorated conditions around watering places. Without doubt, they are contributing factors, but the fact remains that loss of valuable forage grasses has been sustained even on ranges where the watering places have been well located, as compared with the ordinary water situation on such ranges and on which stocking consistent with the conservative use of the range as a whole has been in effect.