History and Applications of Dust Devil Studies

TitleHistory and Applications of Dust Devil Studies
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsLorenz RD, Balme MR, Gu Z, Kahanpää H, Klose M, Kurgansky MV, Patel MR, Reiss D, Rossi APio, Spiga A, Takemi T, Wei W
JournalSpace Science Reviews
Date PublishedApril 2016
Keywordsapplications, climate, Dust Devil, history, nuclear, safety, terestrial

Studies of dust devils, and their impact on society, are reviewed. Dust devils have been noted since antiquity, and have been documented in many countries, as well as on the planet Mars. As time-variable vortex entities, they have become a cultural motif. Three major stimuli of dust devil research are identified, nuclear testing, terrestrial climate studies, and perhaps most significantly, Mars research. Dust devils present an occasional safety hazard to light structures and have caused several deaths.