A grazing system for semiarid lands

TitleA grazing system for semiarid lands
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsBeck RF
EditorHyder DN(ed.)
Conference NameFirst International Rangeland Conference
VolumeVol. 1
Date Published1978
PublisherSociety of Range Management
Call Number00017
Keywordsabstract, abstracts, cattle grazing,management, conference, conference proceedings, conferences, grass, Aristida, grass, Bouteloua, grass, Erioneuron, grass, Sporobolus, grassland, grazing system, grazing system, management,grazing system, proceeding, proceedings, shrub, Xanthocephalum, snakeweed, SEE Xanthocephalum, Gutierrezia
AbstractA seasonal suitability grazing system was started on semiarid grassland in 1967. Ten years of data have not shown it to be superior to yearlong grazing with which it was compared. Livestock performance was similar on the two systems. Drought and conservative stocking rates were primarily responsible for the lack of differences between the systems. Flexibility, a primary component of the seasonal suitability system, allows for specific management of perennial grasses. Sampling of vegetaion was not intensive enough to detect the observable improvement on the seasonal suitability pastures.