Geologic-geomorphic mapping to serve soil resource development

TitleGeologic-geomorphic mapping to serve soil resource development
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1972
AuthorsHawley J.
Conference NameProceedings of the 27th Annual Meeting
Date PublishedAugust 6-9, 1972
PublisherSoil Conservation Society of America
Conference LocationHilton Hotel, Portland, Oregon
Call Number00627
Keywordsabstract, abstracts, conference, conference proceedings, conferences, Desert Project, geomorphology,mapping, map,geologic-geomorphic, proceeding, proceedings, soil, resource development, soil,geologic-geomorphic map
AbstractA better understanding of the distribution, composition, and genesis of natural features at or near the earth's surface increases man's ability to develop soil uses that are in closer harmony with the environment. Field and laboratory studies in geology and its subdiscipline, geomorphology, especially as shown on maps and cross sections, can be particularly helpful in soil resource evaluation and development.
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