Future directions in soil data applications: Assessment and monitoring

TitleFuture directions in soil data applications: Assessment and monitoring
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsTugel A.J., Herrick JE
Conference NameNational Cooperative Soil Survey Conference, Committee 2 (Ecological Interpretations and Principles)
Date PublishedJune 16-20, 2003
Conference LocationPlymouth, MA
ARIS Log Number159622
AbstractEvaluations made through assessment and monitoring provide information about the functional status of the soil-plant system. Soil Survey can support assessment and monitoring activities of land managers by providing data to serve as standards or reference values using an objective-based approach for selection. The properties/indicators chosen should reflect the processes and functions to be assessed or monitored and the scale (e.g., management unit, ranch, watershed, eco-region, national) at which the information is needed. Good indicators are strongly related to the function and scale of interest, sensitive to change, compatible with time and resource availability and technical expertise, and relatively easy to observe or measure in a reliable manner.