Flexible grazing based on weather

TitleFlexible grazing based on weather
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsHerbel C.H.
Conference NameProceedings of the International Ranchers' Roundup
Date Published1981
PublisherTexas Agriculture Extension Service
Conference LocationDel Rio, TX

By grazing or browsing the forage produced on rangelands with livestock and wildlife in a planned and well managed scheme: the range resources enhanced animal production is optimized; and the soil, plant, and water resources are maintained or improved. If these resources are mismanaged to a point where plant cover is not providing sufficient soil cover, and species composition of the plant communities is changed, then productivity and soil protection on the unit is reduced. Continued abuse results in soil erosion problems. This does not imply that proper grazing is destructive. Some of our native range communities have evolved over thousands of years along with grazing use by native animals. However, the plant communities that have evolved are not always the most productive under intensive livestock grazing, e.g., production can be increased on some sites by the use of improved range plants.