Field versus pen bonding lambs to cattle

TitleField versus pen bonding lambs to cattle
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsHulet CV, Anderson D.M., Shupe, W. Larry, Murray L.W.
JournalSheep Research Journal
Date Published1992
Keywordsbehavior, bonding, mixed-species stocking, predator, sheep

Complementary grazing of cattle and sheep promotes more uniform and efficient utilization of forages, because of differences in dietary preferences (Stoddard and Smith, 1943; Baker, 1985). Therefore, it is possible to co-graze 2 or 3 sheep for each cow on many ranches without reducing cow numbers. However, coyote predation and locating sheep in shrub infested pastures conducive to coyote predation are two challenges that confront mixed-species management systems (Etchepare, 1985; Merrill, 1985).