Evaluation of hydraulic roughness coefficient from field and laboratory data

TitleEvaluation of hydraulic roughness coefficient from field and laboratory data
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsJorat SM
Number of Pages147
Date Published1991
UniversityNew Mexico State University
CityLas Cruces, New Mexico
Thesis TypePh.D. Dissertationpp
Call Number00448
Keywordsdissertation, dissertations, hydrology, hydraulic roughness, hydrology, rainfall simulation, rainfall simulation, hydraulic roughness, theses, thesis
AbstractRainfall simulation experiments were performed on a number of 1 m by 1 m plots in the field using rainfall simulator at sites throughout New Mexico and eastern Arizona. Using a point frame device, data were collected on the roughness and cover of each plot. From equilibrium condition hydrographs, hydraulic roughness coefficients were calculated for each plot. The hydraulic roughness coefficient was then related to different surface characteristics and flow variables. Total surface cover density, surface random roughness, and flow Reynold's number were found to be the main variables affecting hydraulic roughness coefficient with total surface cover density as the single most important variable.