Essential oil of <i>Chrysothamnus pulchellus</i> (Gray) Greene ssp. pulchellus

TitleEssential oil of Chrysothamnus pulchellus (Gray) Greene ssp. pulchellus
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsTellez M.R., Estell RE, Fredrickson E.L., Havstad K
JournalJournal of Essential Oil Research
Date Published1998
KeywordsAsteraceae, Chrysothamnus pulchellus, essential oil composition, sesquicineole, β-phellandrene.

The essential oil profile of Chrysothamnus pulchellus was examined. Samples were collected from the Jornada Experimental Range in south central New Mexico and GC/MS and retention indices were used to identify 48 oil components. Sesquicineole (22.7%), β-phellandrene (14.9%), (Z)-β-ocimene (9.4%), β-pinene (8.8%), (E)-β-ocimene (6.4%), β-caryophyllene (3.3%), and d-cadinene (2.8%) were the major components of the steam distilled oil.