Energy requirements of the side-blotched lizard (<i>Uta stansburiana</i>)

TitleEnergy requirements of the side-blotched lizard (Uta stansburiana)
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication1966
AuthorsAlexander CE
Date Published1966
UniversityNew Mexico State University
CityLas Cruces, New Mexico
Thesis TypeM.S. Thesis
Call Number00003
Keywordsbehavior, Uta, dissertation, dissertations, lizard, side-blotched, lizard, Uta, lizard,behavior, lizard,physiology, reptile, also SEE <LIZARD>, theses, thesis, Uta, activity, Uta,physiology
AbstractThe environmental temperature, oxygen consumption, diel activity, and critical thermal minimum in Uta stansburiana, was studied to estimate the yearly energy requirements for a population of this lizard. There was no significant difference between the critical thermal minimum of lizards acclimated at 15-25 degrees C and 25-35 degrees C. However, a significant difference (P