Electronic Identification October 1, 1978 - September 30, 1979

TitleElectronic Identification October 1, 1978 - September 30, 1979
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsAraki C.T., Landt J.A., Holm D.M., Brown R.R., Seawright G.L., Payne R.J., Anderson D.M.
Series TitleLos Alamos Scientific Laboratory Report LA-8315-PR
Document NumberLA-8315-PR Progress Report
Date PublishedOctober 1, 1978
ISBN NumberLA-8315-PR Progress Report
Keywordselectronic identification, livestock field testing
AbstractLivestock field testing of the electronic identification system has commenced with experiments conducted at the Jornada Experimental Range in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Five other sites which have been selected will be phased in during the comming year. The concept of electronic identification and temperature monitoring of livestock will then be tested in dairy, feedlot and open range environments to demonstrate its commercial application and feasibility. Work at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory on the identification equipment has been directed toward improving the transponder package design and increasing the sensitivity of the receiver to the reflected transponder signal. Favorable results were obtained from the use of a hobby microcomputer in the electronic identification system. This indicates that the system is compatible with a low budget commercial system affordable to small livestock operations. A considerable amount of work has also been done relating to temperature-monitoring capability of the system because a great deal of difficulty is anticipated in making this a useful tool in the field trials. A radio telemetric physiological onitoring system has been assembled for use in monitoring animal temperature, and biological experiments have been done to test the acceptability of subdermal temperature monitoring in livestock.