Ecology in a connect world: A vision for a "network of networks"

TitleEcology in a connect world: A vision for a "network of networks"
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsPeters DC
JournalFrontiers in Ecology and the Environment
Date Published06/2008
ARIS Log Number227826
Keywordsecosystem dynamics, fluxes

This special issue addresses the importance of connectivity in driving ecosystem dynamics. Connectivity is defined as the transfer of materials by wind, water, humans, and animals. Although it is well-recognized that we live in a connected world, it is less well-appreciated that these interconnections can determine ecosystem dyamics across a range of spatial and temporal scales, and in particular at regional to continental scales. The six papers in this issue provide examples of research questions and approaches necessary for conducting research at the continental scale. These papers address questions such as: what are the consequences of connectivity, not only at the global scale, but also at relevant continental, regional, and local scales? how do we identify connections among non-adjacent and seemingly disconnected locations, to both minimize the element of surprise and mitigate or avert potential impacts? how do we adjust our thinking about ecological systems and modify our sampling strategies to account for the fluxes and flows of materials among locations? New insights are discussed for five topics (spread of invasive species and infectious diseases, climate change and aquatic systems, climate change and coastal systems, climatic and societal gradients across landscapes, climate change and terrestrial systems) that are critical elements of our connected world, now and in the future.