Differential biomass allocations of <i>Gutierrezia sarothrae</i> and <i>Gutierrezia microcephala</i> on a Chihuahuan Desert site

TitleDifferential biomass allocations of Gutierrezia sarothrae and Gutierrezia microcephala on a Chihuahuan Desert site
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsMuldavin D
Number of Pages50
Date Published1989
UniversityNew Mexico State University
CityLas Cruces, New Mexico
Thesis TypeM.S. Thesispp
Call Number00230
Keywordsbiomass,Gutierrez, dissertation, dissertations, ecotone,Gutierrezia, Gutierrezia,biomass allocation, plant, Gutierrezia, biomass, plant, Gutierrezia, reproduction, theses, thesis, transect,Gutierrezia
AbstractReproductive and vegetative biomass for Gutierrezia sarothrae and G. microcephala were measured along a transect on a Chihuahuan Desert site. The central portion of the transect contained an overlap zone where both species co-occurred. A single species zone existed at each end of the transect. Total biomass and reproductive allocation were calculated by species per zone to determine if lower overall biomass accumulation or increased reproductive allocation could be measured as a response to ecotone. It was found the Gutierrezia sarothrae did not show either lower overall biomass or increased reproductive allocation on the edge of its distribution. Gutierrezia microcephala did not show a lower overall biomass accumulation but did show an increased reproductive allocation response to the edge of its distribution.