Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsReynolds J.F
EditorLevin SAsher(ed.
Series EditorLevin SAsher(ed.
Book TitleEncyclopedia of Biodiversity, Volume 2
PublisherAcademic Press
CitySan Diego, CA
Call Number00779
Keywordsbook, books, chapter, chapters, desertification, model, desertification, report, reports
AbstractThe phenomenon of desertification involves the loss of biological or economic productivity and biodiversity in arid and semiarid croplands, pastures, rangelands, and subhumid woodlands due mainly to nonsustainable human activities, such as overcultivation, fuel gathering, overgrazing by domestic animals, deforestation, and poor irrigation practices, and is often triggered or exacerbated by climate variability, mainly drought.
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