Crossbreeding Hereford and Brangus cattle in varied southwestern environments

TitleCrossbreeding Hereford and Brangus cattle in varied southwestern environments
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsRankin B.J, Shaffer S.M, Neville SPaul, Holland L.A.
Date Published1978
InstitutionNew Mexico Agricultural Experiment Station
CityLas Cruces, New Mexico
ISBN NumberBulletin 661
Call Number00568
Keywordsbook, books, cattle, breeding, cattle, productivity, chapter, chapters, manangement, cattle, report, reports
AbstractThis bulletin reports the results of a study concerning crossbreeding Hereford and Brangus cattle in semidesert and mountain-foothills ranch environments in southern New Mexico. Objectives of the research were to compare weaning weights and feeder grades of calves, and the percentages of calves born and weaned from mating of Hereford x Hereford, Hereford x Brangus, Brangus x Hereford, and Brangus x Brangus cattle at two ranches. The effects of breed of sire, breed of dam, ranch, year, heterosis, and genotype-environment interaction were examined. Another objective was to compare the feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of the steer progeny of these matings and to study the same sources of variation in the analyses.