Coupling use-dependent and use-invariant data for soil quality evaluation

TitleCoupling use-dependent and use-invariant data for soil quality evaluation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsGrossman R., Harms D.S., Seybold C., Pytlik L.A., Herrick JE
JournalJournal of Soil and Water Conservation
Date PublishedJanuary 1, 2001
ARIS Log Number119172
Keywordssoil quality evaluation, use-dependent data, use-invariant data
AbstractThe estimated properties for soil survey map units typically are for only the major soil use. Users are provided only one set of soil properties. We consider the combination of use-invariant and use-dependent databases to produce composite records. The use-invariant data is determined by soil origin and genesis and is at most only slightly subject to change with use. .The use-dependent data is readily subject to change by use. Near-surface properties are particularly subject to change with use. Each use-invariant property is assigned a surficial exclusion zone within which the property is considered use-dependent and hence the standard interpretive record is not applicable. Both use-dependent and use-invariant properties are placed in one of five classes. Numerical rankings for quality evaluation are obtained by combining the placements for the several properties concerned. We use the term use-invariant for properties such as texture, depth to bedrock, etc. that change little if at all among different uses. Propertie that do change with use but are not recognized as doing so are not use-invariant. Rather, they are use-dependent but not so recognized. Thus, there are two kinds of use-dependent properties: those recognized and those that are not. There is a further consideration. The present database of use-invariant properties is useful in defining the potential range of values for use-dependent properties and the susceptibility of those properties to change with use. In short, the use-invariant information is necessary but not sufficient by itself to predict the use-dependent properties for soil quality evaluation.