Containment of free-ranging goats using pulsed-radio-wave-activated shock collars

TitleContainment of free-ranging goats using pulsed-radio-wave-activated shock collars
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsFay PA, McElligott V.T., Havstad K
JournalApplied Animal Behavior Science
Date Published1989

Goats (Caprahircus) are useful for brush and weed control. Their usefulness would be enhanced if their distribution on grazing land could be controlled without herders or permanent fencing. The feasibility of using electric shock collars to restrict the range of grazing goats was evaluated. Electric shock collars developed for canine control were tested as an alternative method for unattended containment. Shock collars effectively contained goats within the designated test area. Goats not wearing the shock collars remained close to the collared goats due to herd instinct and, thus, also remained within the test area. Preliminary results indicate that the non-visual fence may make it feasible to develop commercial weed-grazing goat herds restricted to weed infestations by electric collars.