Conference Proceedings

TitleConference Proceedings
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsWhitford WG, Santos PF
EditorDindal DL(ed.)
Conference NameSoil Biology as Related to Land Use Practices
Series TitleProceedings of the VII International Soil Zoology Colloquium of the International Society of Soil Science
Date PublishedJuly 29 - August
PublisherOffice of Pesticide and Toxic Substances, Environmental Protection Agency
Conference LocationSyracuse, New York
Call Number00384
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Abstract Studies of the soil fauna of the worlds' deserts are limited (Wallwork, 1970, 1972; Wood, 1971; Freckman, Mankau, and Ferris, 1975) and there have been no quantitative studies of the role of soil fauna in decomposition and nutrient release from plant litter. In 1977 we initiated a series of studies to examine the roles of various taxa of desert soil fauna in decomposition and in mineral release processes. In this paper we review selected portions of these studies in order to illustrate the relationships of termites, microarthropods, nematodes and soil microflora in litter decomposition in North American desert ecosystems.
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