Comprehensive network site description, Jornada

TitleComprehensive network site description, Jornada
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1970
AuthorsHerbel C.H., Pieper, Rex D.
Series TitleUS International Biological Program, Grasslands Biome Technical Report No. 43
Date Published1970
InstitutionColorado State University
CityFt. Collins, CO
Keywordsgovernment publication, Jornada Experimental Range, site description
AbstractThe Jornada Experimental Range was withdrawn from the Public Lands for research in 1912 by presidential proclamation. From 1915 until 1953, it was under jurisdiction of the U.S. Forest Service. Following realignment of range research activities within the Department of Agriculture in 1953, the range was transferred to the Agricultural Research Service. Since 1953, the Jornada has been operated by the Arid Pasture and Range Sections, Crops Research Division, of ARS.