Climate change: Check the data yourself

TitleClimate change: Check the data yourself
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsPeters DC, deBuys W
MagazineHigh Country News
Date Published07/2010
ARIS Log Number270708
AbstractData on climatic drivers and ecological responses through time tend to be complex and difficult to use by anyone oethr than the individual scientist who collected them. We provide an alternative approach that simplifies complex datasets into derived data products including long-term trends that can be easily understood and interpreted by a broad audience. The result is a book to be published by the USDA publications office, and a website ( containing the data with graphical routines that allow easy access and use of the data. Our goal is to allow users to determine for themselves if and where climate change is occurring for sites located across the continental US, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.