Chihuahuan Climate

TitleChihuahuan Climate
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsSchmidt, Jr. RH
EditorBarlow JC, A. Powell M, Timmermann BN(eds.)
Conference NameSecond Symposium on the Resources of the Chihuahuan Desert Region: United States and Mexico
Date PublishedOctober 20-21, 1
PublisherAllen Press
Conference LocationChihuahuan Desert Research Institute, Sul Ross State University
Call Number00292
Keywordsabstract, abstracts, Chihuahuan Desert,climate, climate,Chihuahuan Desert, conference, conference proceedings, conferences, proceeding, proceedings
Abstract As a result of increased pressure being exerted upon arid, and particularly semiarid zones to improve the use of renewable resources, a data base in excess of five megabytes representing monthly climate values has been verified and recorded on computer tape. The climate averages and generalizations used in this study are based upon information from approximately 140 weather stations in the desert. These data are being used to identify and characterize the features are generally homogenous, regional climatological analysis provides significant aid in identifying introduced plants with economic potential. One of the more dramatic findings of this study was the importance of tropical revolving storms, some to which reach hurricane intensity, as a source of perceptible water. Based upon a limited sample, it was found that approximately 55% of the annual precipitation falling in El Paso, Texas, was the result of tropical revolving storms. A scenario using the de Martonne aridity indices with the mean and minimum and maximum extreme precipitation for stations in the State of Chihuahua clearly illustrates the potential for desertification and other problems with the use of natural resources.
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