Cattle diets on semidesert grassland: nutritive content

TitleCattle diets on semidesert grassland: nutritive content
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsRosiere R.E, Beck RF, Wallace J.D.
JournalJournal of Range Management
Date Published1975
Call Number00275
Keywordsarticle, articles, bioenergetics,cattle, cattle diet,protein, cattle grazing,nutrition, cattle,diet, cattle,esophageal-fistulated, cattle,nutrition, journal, journals, nutrition,cattle
AbstractA study of chemical composition and organic matter digestibility of cattle diets was conducted on semidesert grassland in southern New Mexico during different seasons. Forage quality was highest in the spring. Fall diets were lower in digestibility energy. Level of protein in fall diets was greater than requirements for dry cows but was less than recommended levels for lactating cows or growing calves. A stepwise regression equation showed that protein accounted for more variation in in vitro digestibility than did other components.